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Lost posts

By Fjodor on Nov. 29, 2008.

Presumably due to a DNS foul-up on my part, my last few posts weren’t moved from a now defunct server onto the new one. Bummer 🙁

All is not lost, however, since there was a constructive comment to one article by my good friend Therese, who happens to have a more informative post than my usual ramblings on her blog, so if you can read Danish, do yourself a favour and sample her blog at

Going telemagenta for a while

By Fjodor on Apr. 3, 2008.

As you may or may not be aware, was recently asked to discontinue their use of the colour magenta, which is apparently trademarked by Deutsche Telekom AG in connections with its services and products.

Trying to extend this copyright to cover the services and products of seems like a long shot at best, and to show support, I have chosen to go with the html equivalent (#bf1773, found here) of the RAL4010 colour “Telemagenta”, which Engadget has identified as the one covered by Deutsche Telekom’s copyright in this previous post.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to place a phone call from my mobile, please mail me, and we’ll work out a small fee. How’s that for similar products and services? 😉

Rights (or not)

By Fjodor on Apr. 26, 2007.

It would seem that giving proper credit, when relaying scientific material is viewed as insufficient by Wiley & Wiley’s, or so this posting would make it seem.

Subsequently, the author of the post has has requested that anyone able and willing to take part of this discussion does so, and this is my attempt to get the story known.

Obviously, someone needs a lesson in the “Fair Use”-clause.

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