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Nobody pees but you

By Fjodor on Apr. 23, 2016.

So, it would seem that going to the bathroom has become an issue somewhere, provided that the person in need was born with a biological gender that doesn’t quite fit the psychological self-image.

This would, by rough estimations, give rise to the following four characteristics, the first labeling genetic gender, and the second labeling self-identification. Do note that I leave out “ambiguous gender” such as genetically intersex people, but they are used to being ignored or abused already, and the hysterical hypocrites are unlikely to have the mental fortitude to deal with this concept altogether, so let’s keep it as simple as possible:

Male – Male
Female – Female
Male – Female
Female – Male

Now, no matter how esoteric it may sound that someone was born with one gender, but identify as the opposite, this does occur, so let’s just look at the simple logistics of using a public restroom. The options are:

Gender-neutral (usually single rooms)
Male (usually pissoirs and stalls)
Female (usually stalls-only)

Quite obviously, a male restroom with pissoirs provide the benefit for male patrons to relieve their respective bladders in short order, usually with very little in the way of queues, since the main duration of occupancy is less than a minute. For defecation, we are relegated to the stalls, which are, usually, unqueued as well, since the pissoir takes care of the usual order of business.

Female restrooms, on the other hand, are usually characterised single stalls only, since both urination and defecation is, traditionally, performed in a sitting position. For the sake of space, fewer woman can usually be accommodated by a public restroom for females, than the male equivalent, since more pissoirs can be fitted in the same space.

Now, for a male seeking to urinate, the male restroom is the venue of choice, since he can either use the pissoir, or, if shy, he can use one of the usually unoccupied stalls. A female does not have the same choice, but at least privacy, by the way of a stall, is guaranteed.

As a non-transgendered, straight, male, it would seem to me, that the utilitarian choice would be to make use of the male-oriented facilities if one holds a Y-chromosome, but that being said, utilitarianism is hardly a goal to strive for, and if I am to imagine a life where I would be constantly be reminded of my masculinity, by the very fact that, for the sake of argument, I were to self-identify as a woman, this seemingly trivial matter of using a public restroom could, very likely, become a very great deal.

Atop of the above, we then, apparently, have a number of Male – Male politicians who seem to believe that female restrooms, like pissoirs, consist of numerous toilets in a row with no shields between you and your fellow woman, since they argue that it would, somehow, be a problem for a transgendered woman to make use of a stall that might or might not be adjacent to a stall used by someone’s wife or child.

To be quite honest, if said politicians are so afraid of what Y-chromosome-bearing people might be doing in a public restroom, I think I shall opt for the stall if I ever chance upon one of them while preparing to go about my natural business…

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