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So, you got a daughter

By Fjodor on May. 4, 2015.

Almost 17 months ago, my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Ada.

Even in this country, which has strict laws about gun ownership, one of the ways to own a gun is to be a registered hunter, and the saying goes that when you get a daughter, you should get a gun permit.

Well, then… I got my hunter’s license at age 17 (a bit late), and was lucky enough to get my hands on a beautiful Simson-Suhl shotgun that fits my stance perfectly, before they started producing and selling in the new, Western, market. At that time, I was very much interested in practicing the moves of procreation, but slightly less in actually becoming a parent – even if I could have procured a prospective mother of any offspring.

I shall spare you the details of my wanton youthfulness, but as alluded to, I am now both a husband and a father, which leads me to this:

Fathers of all ages: If you have so little faith in your own ability to raise your girls that you resort to threats of gun violence, then I understand the underlying love, but abhor your need to demolish any possibility actual bonding.

I, for one, pledge to strive for trusting the results of my bringing up of my daughter, instead of reaching for the gun racket!

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