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Doing something regarding ACTA

By Fjodor on Jan. 29, 2012.

I sent four nearly identical mails today, one each to MEPs Bendt Bendtsen, Anne E. Jensen, Morten Løkkegaard, and Jens Rohde at their respective email addresses.

I chose these four, since they are listed as the 4 Danish MEPs who voted against certain amendments to ACTA (mentioned by Marietje Schaake on Reddit) in 2010 according to here (please adjust the search criteria to match those relevant to you).

Below is the text of the mail to Bendt Bendtsen, wherein I identify myself as a Danish Conservative voter (the three others are from an allied party, where I identify my political stance with are more general term), but also as a somewhat tech savvy internet user, thus wanting an explanation for the past negative vote, clarification on their current stance on ACTA ratification, and offering assistance in understanding (and hopefully, eventually, agreeing with) the huge public opposition. If I get the time later, I will translate into English in the comments – if someone else wants to do so for me, they shall be most welcome 😉

Subject: Tidligere afstemning om ændringer til ACTA

Kære Hr. Bendtsen,

I henhold til ser jeg, at De stemte imod ændringsforslag til ACTA d. 24.11.2010.

Som konservativ vælger, men også som moderne internetbruger med omfattende teknologisk viden, vil jeg gerne udbede mig en forklaring på dette, samt sikre mig, at De ikke er fejlinformeret, såfremt De påregner at stemme for at ratificere ACTA i sin nuværende form.

Skulle dette være tilfældet, står jeg gerne til rådighed med henblik på at påvise, hvorfor ACTA i sin nuværende form, som den forholder sig til spørgsmål af elektronisk karakter, er aldeles uacceptabel, samt hvorfor dens udfærdigelse og ratificering har været, er og vil være et groft uanstændigt anslag mod både demokratiske grundprincipper og basale frihedsrettigheder.


Sune Mølgaard
Risskov, Ã…rhus

N.B.: Being in a hurry, I opened the message body of the mail to Anne E. Jensen with “Kære Hr. Bendtsen,”, instead of personalising the opening to her. I sent a follow-up email apologising for this, but requesting her answer none the less.

Idea for a SOPA/PIPA protest by Google

By Fjodor on Jan. 19, 2012.

Let me start by stating that I don’t know if Google enjoy any Common Carrier (or other, similar) protections, but if not, it shouldn’t be all too hard for them to block access by IP addresses from known SOPA/PIPA proponents, plus, if they want to play hardball, any US Administration addresses as well.

Same goes for all other protesters.

As an additional nugget of legislative gold, I would assume that if they blocked the Administration, said Administration would need to institute and document a way of circumventing said blockade in order to get anything meaningful business done, which could be an interesting subject for a DMCA complaint, since SOPA/PIPA seem to assume that DNS filtering constitutes an effective means of restricting access…

I am not a US citizen, and thus, even if I was a lawyer, my expertise would not be in US law, but comments are more than welcome!

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