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Swatikas, common sense, and the lack hereof…

By Fjodor on Jun. 6, 2011.

While this might not be the most visited blogs of all times (especially since some of my previous posts were in Danish), I do happen to think that if I have reached just one person with any one post, it’s worth it, so here goes;

The swastika has been around as a cultural piece of imagery for something like 5,000 years or so, and has been seen across a multitude of locales during that period. For a short while – my memory is not one I would buy if offered, the German Nazi party made it’s headway in 1935 and convinced a nation that I still believe – and believe you me that they are now, weren’t aware that they were enabling a raging dictator.

However, the misappropriation of an ancient symbol was our collective fault, inasmuch as we let it be their coat of arms. For all the different uses that the proper swastika has served for so many years, they are but dust.

Hence, my suggestion is to front neo-nazis by regaining the swastika, as it, by all means, is just a way of wishing another person good luck…

Do you think that the neo-nazis could hold on to the swastika, if we took its old meaning back?

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