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Microsoft getting nostalgic?

By Fjodor on Sep. 10, 2009.

If the reader remembers the days of Windows 95 and NT, she should also remember the teardrop attacks.

It would appear that some brave MS programmer pined for those days of remote BSODs, and thus has reintroduced this beloved feature in the SMB2 protocol driver in Vista and Windows 7.


Taxation of the rich vs. the poor

By Fjodor on Sep. 3, 2009.

I saw this comment on a article tonight.

In essence, it’s an explanation of the US tax system, explained in the setting of “beer for 10 people” by a professor in economics.

While one may (rightfully) question the quality of a great many slashdot comments, I find this one rather profound.

I’d say it could be adapted to many other countries’ tax schemes with an equivalent conclusion – perhaps because politicians worldwide seem to be more eager to please the readers of daily newspapers, than to listen to sensible science…

Update 11:12 – link fixed. Thank you Thode :-$

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