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…and that’s the end of that monstrosity.

By Fjodor on Jun. 1, 2008.

Enough with the telemagenta now. I still think it was a worthwhile point to make, but wow, it sure did look, erm, magenta 😉

Also, instead of just changing back to the default theme, I’d like to try out the one you are seeing now. It’s called Mystefied, and it’s brought to you by the nice guys at I think it looks nice, but if you disagree, please let me know 🙂

Edit: Incidentally, I like to provide Atom feeds as well as RSS, so I tweaked the theme a bit with a new image and link for that, which however left no space for the search form in it’s previous position. Thus, it has been moved to the sidebar, and it has been equipped with a submit-button. Most browsers do fine without them, but I’m unsure as to how it would work for a mobile browser without one…

I hope all this is fine with xhtmlvalid and Mr. Chaudhuri, both of whom I have notified.

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