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AT&T propose to launch largest foot-shooting apparatus ever?

By Fjodor on Jan. 18, 2008.

Once again, I do little more than link to another blogger, but if by this, I can get just a few more to read that link than if I did nothing, then so much for the better.

In other words, this is why you should either sell your AT&T shares or, alternatively, contact all the fellow shareholders you can reach, and get them to side with you in demanding that the mastermind behind this proposition be tarred and feathered. I’d go for the money…

#EDIT: as a commenter pointed out, the link was botched, but should now work. Thanks for the heads up!

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How to tell if a US judge is past his “best before” date

By Fjodor on Jan. 18, 2008.

This is just so mind-numbingly wrong that I am lost for words.

Luckily, however, CircleID pretty much sums it up…

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