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Vista and HD content? Not likely…

By Fjodor on Feb. 13, 2007.

This almost speaks for itself: A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection. Therefore I shall restrain myself to this little nugget of totalitarian gold from MS’ specs and a comparison:

“It is recommended that a graphics manufacturer go beyond the strict letter of the specification and provide additional content-protection features, because this demonstrates their strong intent to protect premium content”

…which seems unscrupulously close to Sir Ian Kershaw’s concept of “working towards the Führer”, as explained by this book report on his “Hitler: Nemesis 1936-1945”:

“‘Working towards the Fuhrer.’ What this refers to is the way in which radical actions were often instigated from below, not as the result of express directives, but because they were felt to be in line with Hitler’s broadly defined aims.”

Now, I am not saying that the software business is comparable to the holocaust. Not by a long shot. However, it would seem that MS is trying, in the first, to reap the benefits of a mechanism, that was an instrumental factor in the radicalisation of the second.

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  2. Hello,I want to say that appreciate your work but if you can, in your next reeasleses don’t integrate NET Framework 4 client profile because it slows down boot time network creation.Who wants NET Framework 4 will install himself.Thanks!

    By Fatima on Oct 1, 2015

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