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And you thought they limited you with Vista?

By Fjodor on Feb. 13, 2007.

Modular operating systems are a good idea. Not a new idea, though. But wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you could distribute just the bare minimals (as in ability to boot and upgrade, nothing more), and have the user pay for every little extension like running more than a very few apps, connecting devices, browsing the web?

Now, it could almost be argued, that what was harder to code should cost more, but in the case of number of apps, it would actually be harder to limit the number than the opposite. Likewise, network must be present to download extensions, so it would be harder to code restrictions there too. And USB? Obviously, the user must at first startup be able to have keyboard and mouse. Including that functionality, but restricting all else is also harder.

So what’s the point? Why, testing the limits of user abuse comes to mind, but then again that limit seems nonexistant, since people actually want to use Vista.

Your money, that’s what.

Cue This patent application and Groklaw’s
take on it

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